MaxaWare was founded in January of 2004 by Kris Kaymanesh and Kesha Ullah. They were looking for cloud-based project management software that would enable them to run their AV-Company with better efficiency and productivity. As they searched the available products in the market they quickly discovered that there was not a single product that would be able to manage the every-day operation of their business. So they created a product from the ground up which was not intended for a wide range of businesses but focused on the world of AV-integration. The goal was to create a Project Management Software that would simplify the operations of AV Integration without the need to duplicate entries in multiple kinds of software. 


“No one had anything like what we were making when we got into this business. Our projects required us to have multiple programs open, none of which communicated with each other- increasing our workload and time per project significantly. What started out as a simple way to manage schedules exploded into something far greater that now touches every aspect of our business” – Kesha Ullah 

“Having started off as a scheduling program, we realized there was more that we could do with this program which could automate all of our functions. As we continued to build on MaxaWare, we realized that what we had was something special; something that could take all the management of a task and put it all in one, simple platform.” – Kris Kaymanesh 


Are you using multiple tools to complete business operations? Why not use a single business operating platform?  That is MaxaWare. MaxaWare was created to integrate all processes in one convenient location which is continuously using secure, cloud-based computing. 

Take back your weekends and give yourself more freedom. Our Cloud based platform automates tasks like scheduling, point of sale, inventory, and service along many other modules which would allow a seamless integration for better efficiency and productivity. Best of all, you have access to all your data through Amazon’s AWS service from anywhere in the world. 

MaxaWare eliminates manual data entry and automates your processes. Each module seamlessly communicates with one another which will, in turn, increase employee efficiency and productivity. 

Tested to Perfection

MaxaWare is implemented and beta-tested with Sight and Sound Systems

Before we add any enhancements to MaxaWare, updates are tested with Sight and Sound Systems – a home integration company that specializes in smart-home applications. Sight And Sound Systems alpha and beta-tests new updates to ensure everything runs smoothly and is ready for client deployment. Our goal is to make MaxaWare easy and accessible; no changes are done with our software until it is fully tested, bug-free, and easy to use. 

You are never alone when it comes to MaxaWare. Our staff is committed to ensuring that your experience with us is seamless. Through all hours of the day, our tech support is there to help you with any questions you might have on how to best navigate MaxaWare, along with other options to guarantee understanding and functionality.   

A Better way to manage

Our Team

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Kesha Ullah

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Onboarding Specialist

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Onboarding Specialist

Maxaware is the perfect online management tool developed by AV and Security integrators for AV and Security integrators.


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