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New Enhancements to Reduce Pain-Points

Service & Service Reporting

Many in the organization need to touch service issues at various stages. As important as this area is for growing a great relationship with the client, it is the very point that because so many touch service issues, it can be one of the greatest areas of dropped hand-offs and follow through.

With MaxaWare®:
  • The system generates quick reports; with, Originating Technician, Assigned-To Technician, Associated Warranty info and more.
  • Attach POS / Proposals with charge-for-services; and, compare proposed vs. Invoiced Service amounts.
  • New graphical display provides at-a-glance view of service concerns.

What are they?

Now … GPS Mapping For MaxaWare® Users

  • Get Live Locations Based Upon System Generated Schedules.
  • Color-Code Users and Turn On Live Browser Location for Users

Quick, Custom Proposals!

  • Create multiple cover pages for POS / Proposals to fit Sales Presentation.
  • Change font, background color and layout of components.
  • Add images and system tags to personalize the template for different clients and sales personnel.

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