We’re Integrating What People Are Doing

Everyone Needs to Use and Access What They Need in One Place!

While MaxaWare provides a complete organizational platform based in one location, everyone in the organization needs to be comfortable using what they need to use on a daily basis.

  • Sales people need to generate proposals leading to Purchase Orders.
  • Clients have their own login for choosing options and systems; complete with videos and PDF documentation.
  • Inventory managers want highlighted items for ordering by project phase.
  • Project management documentation (pictures, RA’s, and notes) should auto log by phase in each clients’ record.
  • Your Scheduling people are more efficient when the system calculates the time needed for finishing, for each phase.
  • Service should have it’s own scheduling loop, connected to each customer record and know if the repair is under warranty or service plan.
  • Accounting needs to synchronize QuickBooks with PO’s and payments.
  • Management needs automatic reporting and analysis for all activities to anticipate immediate and future needs.
  • This may sound too good to be true. However, the large DC area integration company that designed MaxaWare has run their business using MaxaWare for more than 15 years.

    The best way to see how MaxaWare closes the gaps of social distancing while unifying your team for more sales revenue and margin is to schedule a demo. Or if you’d prefer use our Contact Page to complete a needs assessment so we can help assess how well MaxaWare fits for you and your people!

Same Storm, Different Boats!

Just because we’re weathering the same storm, doesn’t mean you’re in the same boat as another integration company.

  • The right software platform needs to understand YOUR business
  • The people behind that platform should know “one size does not fit all” and be adaptable to your needs.
  • Some companies are in states with different restrictions, we want to help.

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